TwinRemote-controlled carriermachine

Technical data


  • KUBOTA 4-cylinder diesel engine

  • 42 kW (58 PS)

  • 2.6 litre displacement

  • Water-cooled, electric start, operating hours counter, oil and temperature control

Cleaning fan

Cleaning function for engine and hydraulic cooling

Implement (attachment) drive

  • High-performance hydraulic system with UHP axial piston variable displacement pumps

  • 350 bar

  • 80 L/min


Hydraulic crawler running gear with direct drive, proportional speed control for each crawler running gear via radio control, both forward and in reverse, slope adjustment


  • forward: 0 – 10 km/h

  • reverse: 0 – 10 km/h

Maximum speed continuously adjustable via rotary potentiometer on the hand-held transmitter

Track width

1300 mm – 1800 mm (optionally up to 2200 mm)

Ground clearance

200 mm, verstellbar auf 300 mm

Max. slope gradient (depending on surface)

  • up to 50° with standard equipment

  • up to 65° with special equipment (hydraulic track width adjustment, suitable crawler chains, spikes etc.)

Radio range

approx. 200 – 300 m (visibility range)

Standard functions

  • Driving / steering (continuously adjustable, proportional)

  • Engine start / engine stop

  • Continuously adjustable control of the engine speed

  • Continuously adjustable control of rotational speed and direction of rotation of the power take-off

  • Horn

  • Mirroring of the drive control

  • Lifting of the implement

Standard features

2 double-acting hydraulic connections

Optional functions / accessories

  • Several implement mounting interfaces for simultaneously, efficient working with different implements in combination, e.g.

  • Front and rear LED work lights

  • Circumferential light

  • Lateral adjustment

  • NATO socket for the operation of high-current consumers (e.g. cable winches)

  • Tilt switch


1150 kg - 1400 kg (depending on equipment, basic machine, without auxiliary device)

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TWIN with forest mulcher - small track width



View from the back - small track width



View from the back - wide track width



View from the side



View from the back-left



View from the back-right


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Forest mulcher with push bar

The push bar fits on both forest mulchers and is available as a rigid and also as a hydraulically adjustable version


Forest mulcher

with fixed carbide tools and hydraulic front panel perfectly suitable for e.g. milling off smaller stumps


Forest mulcher

with swinging-through hammers and hydraulic front panel


Front and side mower

Working widths 115 cm, 150 cm or 190 cm, double-blade bar mower system Bidux, foldable and tiltable for lateral mowing of e.g. ditches


Front hay machine

Working width 145 cm, for tedding, turning, swathing


Chaff cutter

with hydraulic retraction, for wood and shrubs up to Ø 90 mm


Circular harrow

Working width 85 cm, 110 cm or 130 cm for front attachment, completely with height-adjustable pusher blade and adjustable lattice roller. Ideally suited for levelling and soil remediation of lawns and garden floors, for milling old grass, for flattening and cultivating, as well as for mechanical weed control on water-bound paths and yard surfaces. Weeds are set down on the surface and dry out.


Reciprocating harrow with blade

Working width 140 cm especially suitable for landscape gardening, for levelling and rolling topsoil, as well as for seed bed preparation, very smooth running because of reverse procedures, incl. roller harrow and pusher blade


Safety mulcher humus®

Working widths 125 cm and 145 cm


Flail mower

Working width 105 cm or 125 cm with castor roller and skid undercarriages, available with different hammers, such as e.g. Y-knife (6 mm or 10 mm) or pruning hammers


ZAUGG hard snow thrower

Double-stage working width 100 cm or 130 cm


Snow plough blade

125 cm or 150 cm incl. hydraulic swivel mechanism


Swing mower system VERTI-2-FLAIL® ESM®

Working width 125 cm, additionally required inlet bracket and/or lead wheels


Stump cutter / root stump grinder


Disc mower

Working width with 3 discs 130 cm or 170 cm with 4 discs, cleanest cuts, good handling on inclines


Reverse rotary hoe

Working width 100 cm complete with lattice roller

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