Forest works

Forest works - stump cutting, chaffing and forest mulching

In the beginning used for mowing mainly from spring to autumn, customers increasingly wished to use the DELTRAK even in the winter. The keyword here is wood management. This was implemented in 2012 with the innovative and pioneering development of an add-on forest mulcher as an additional add-on device. The registered utility model version with stationary tools on the forest mulcher quickly ensured year-round use of the machine. By now, there is also a robust version with swinging-through hammers with an unmatched force.

Next to the forest mulcher, a powerful stump cutter, an add-on cutter as well as a cable winch for small-diameter wood clearing provide additional applications in the forest. Our machines hereby have a clear advantage, especially in terms of price, over single-purpose machines on chains.

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DELTRAK with forest mulcher

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DELTRAK with stump cutter

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