Mowing and clearing in the landscaping and agriculture

Mowing and clearing or mulching in landscaping and agriculture

Counteracting the increasing scrub encroachment requires up-to-date solutions. Because it is about preserving the usefulness and the beauty of our cultural landscape and not least also about promotion. Machine landscaping therefore gains in importance from year to year. Mountainous regions have always been difficult and tedious to mow, swampy and marshy areas put high demands on people and machines, landscape conservation requires special and sophisticated equipment. The protective purpose is the preservation of open and semi-open landscape structures as the site or rare endangered animal and plant communities such as e.g. dry, continental heather regions and dry grassland. IRUS motor mowers help preserve these locations or restore them while protecting the soil.

There has been a massive „demise of farms“ in mountain agriculture for years and the remaining farms are desperately looking for new staff – with the consequence that on the one hand there is less and less manpower for the same surfaces or with the that more and more regions turn in to bush today already. Without maintenance or grazing, Alpine forage areas can decrease by up to 5 % per year for instance. Mountain farmers receive support from the officials in charge of tourism who recognize the value of well-maintained alps/landscapes as a capital especially in higher regions.

In order to work effectively particularly in these hard-to-access regions, machines of IRUS Motorgeräte GmbH are used.

Important keywords:

  • Lower ground pressure (e.g. with the DELTRAK is clearly less than that of human feet)
  • Extreme suitability for operation on inclines
  • Security (decoupling of man and machine)
  • Low machine dimensions (narrow places, hard-to-access terrain)

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