Unitrak 2.0

13.2 – 30.5 HP petrol motors • hydraulic active steering, zero turn • continuously adjustable, tool-free axle adjustment • crawler or wheel drive

UNITRAK 2.0 with its 30 HP Kohler petrol motor is the most powerful hydrostatic single axle machine in the world. Its safety zero turn and active steering make it convenient and safe to control. A large selection of add-on devices ensures year-round use. Applications range from the municipal sector to horticultural management and snow-ploughing clearance all the way to agriculture and grassland maintenance. The tool-free quick-change system makes the work with different tools easier.


10.0 and 13.2 HP petrol motors • hydraulic active steering, zero turn • continuously adjustable, tool-free axle adjustment • light-weight and versatile

WINTRAK is a light-weight, compact and very flexible carrier machine. It is available with a motor power of 10.0 and 13.2 HP. It active bar steering guarantees convenient and precise manoeuvring. A variety of tyre options as well as a low centre of gravity makes working efficient and safe even on very steep surfaces. Like UNITRAK 2.0, it has safety zero turn and a quick-change system.

Km 310

13.2 HP petrol motor • differential and lock with steering brakes • 4 forward and 3 reverse gears

KM 310 is a robust professional device with lockable differential and steering brake. Mowing, sweeping, snow shovelling, working with the weed brush, reverse rotary hoe, reciprocating harrow with blade and circular harrow. The variety of devices is nearly without limits. The machine is driven by a high-torque 13.2 HP petrol motor. The standard equipment includes a tool-free bar height adjustment and lateral adjustment.

Km 340

13.2 HP petrol motor • active steering axle • 4 forward and 3 reverse gears

The necessary driving power in the KM 340 is ensured with a powerful 4-cycle petrol motor with 13.2 HP. An active steering axle for especially convenient manoeuvring also on steep slopes is standard. Large wheels and a low deadweight make it an ideal bar mower. In addition, a broad range of add-on devices allows you to use it all year. The favourable layout of the control levers as well as quick switching of the direction of travel ensure high ease of use.