60 HP Diesel motor Kubota • Hydraulic caterpillar drive • Hydraulic device drive • Carrier machine • 2 mounting interfaces (optional)

The TWIN allows the customers the combination of advantages never before available. Equipped with a 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine (2.6 litre displacement) with a power output of 43 KW (60 PS), fully hydraulic drive via axial piston pumps, automatic, maintenance-free crawler tension, hydraulic axle extension, adjustable axle height, fully enclosed with integrated roll cage, the machine also offers a unique option: Several implement mounting interfaces for simultaneous, efficient working, such as forest mulcher + stump cutter or disc mower + hay machine, …

DELtrak 2.5

38 HP Diesel motor Kubota • Hydraulic caterpillar drive • Hydraulic device drive

Developed for sophisticated conditions, DELTRAK 2.5 opens new markets for landscape maintenance staff and service providers in the green sector. DELTRAK 2.5 was built to maintain difficult and dangerous terrain without hazards to the operator – regardless of the weather. It has an extremely lower centre of gravity for good stability and flexibility and can mow steep slopes of up to 50°.

DELTRAK 2.5 is one step forward when it comes to operator safety and productivity for sophisticated mowing.


30.5 HP petrol motor • Hydraulic caterpillar drive • Hydraulic device drive

EVOTRAK closes the gap between the proven DELTRAK with Diesel motor and the versatile QUATRAK with spiked rollers or rubber tyres. EVOTRAK has a 31 HP Kohler petrol motor with crawler-mounted running gear. It is lighter and more flexible than the DELTRAK, can be equipped with different front attachment devices and is therefore ideal for flush and precise mowing.

EVOtrak "Solar"

30.5 HP petrol motor • Low design height 70 cm • Dual stone chipping protection • Hydraulic device drive

The EVOtrak “Solar“ with its low design height of 70 cm and its powerful 31 HP Kohler petrol motor was especially developed for the challenges of mowing and mulching in solar parks. The “dual stone chipping protection“ installed in the flail mower reduces the risk of damage to the solar panels from mulching to a minimum. The mowing and mulching under trees is also less failure-prone because of the air filter which was moved to the bottom.


30.5 HP petrol motor • Hydraulic 4x4 wheel drive • All-wheel steering • Hydraulic device drive • Carrier machine

QUATRAK is the perfect addition to the successfully crawler-driven DELTRAK 2.5 and is powered by a 30.5 HP 2 cylinder air-cooled Kohler motor. The permanent hydraulic drive of all 4 wheels or spiked rollers with proportional speed control and radio steering ensures optimal (immediate) stop even on extreme slopes and extremely little disturbance of the ground. Optional crab steering is also available.